Drilling through the dream: an oilfield tale

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Sometimes, after life throws so many curve balls and challenges at you, a story just screams to be told.

That poignant thought is what drove me to start blogging on WordPress, and that same statement is what inspired me to write my first true-to-life novella of my travels and trials as I trotted the globe in an effort to eek out a living as an oilfield engineer.

That novella, that admittance to the world that I’m troubled by what I encountered, is reconcilably called Drilling through the dream: an oilfield tale, and you can buy it now in Amazon book store.

It struck me, after reflecting on some of the things that I’ve witnessed and participated in on my offshore travels, that the things I do as I trek around the world can’t be paid for; can’t be replicated by throwing money at a salesman.  No, to truly know what goes on in the oil patch you have to somehow land a job there, just like I did a number of years ago.

I didn’t write a book crammed with oilfield jargon and technicalities for a definite reason, mostly boredom avoidance to be honest.  No, I wrote a book of travel, of adventure, and of revelation; a book that bared the soul and the truths of the industry to myself and  to the world…

The nose dipped, just at the point that I thought – hoped – we were going to abort and spend the night tucked in Shetland’s finest one-star bed & breakfast, and we started off down the runway just fifteen to twenty feet from the ground. Our airspeed climbed as the turbines pressed us forward into the tempest, our altitude gradually gaining until the Orc hill was at our level.
We banked right, abruptly and without the long curving grace that such a large helicopter deserved, bringing the Sullom Voe Oil Terminal into blurred view through the torrents of rain sheeting across our field of vision. We were heading north-east, maybe one hundred miles over broken islands and then onwards over open ocean.
I didn’t have to see the open ocean to know this was a bad idea. The normally calm waters tucked into the channel at the north of the Shetlands were bubbling and smashing against the dark crags of cliffs; belting into the stoic rocks that have stood for millennia.  But we pressed on.  We pressed on in a sea state that wasn’t survivable, should the worst happen.  That much was obvious.”

Read on, patron.  Read on to discover exactly what the oil industry is all about, from those first steps during an offshore survival course, through preparing to abandon an offshore platform, and encompassing visits to regions of the world that are the sole reserve of oilfield professionals.  Read on to contemplate the self discovery and self reflection that travelling the world to obscure locations can bring…

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  1. Hi i have also a dream for this job ,this is my dream job but i don’t know how i will go there, can you help me there i am studying about the drilling and i will go there for any entry level job
    i have diploma in Mechanical Engineering and B Tech Mechanical Engineering with first class


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